Leasing Application

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Additional information may be required based upon time in business, current credit standing, and application amount.
Each individual signing below certifies that the information provided in this credit application is accurate and complete. Each individual signing below authorizes you or any lender or funding source which may be utilized (collectively referred to as “Lenders”) to obtain information from the references listed above and obtain a consumer credit report that will be ongoing and relate not only to the evaluation and/or extension of the business credit requested, but also for purposes of reviewing the account, increasing the credit line on the account (if applicable), taking collection action on the account, and for any other legitimate purpose associated with the account as may be needed from time to time. Each individual signing below further waives any right or claim which such individual would otherwise have under the Fair Credit Reporting Act in the absence of this continuing consent.
I certify the above statement.*

Agree _________________________________________________


Document Checklist:

This information is requested to assist us in providing the best service/rates possible and is only needed on applications over $100,000. Please provide as much information as possible. Thank you.

 Vendor Information

  • Full vendor contact information (address, phone #’s, email & website addresses, contact person, etc.).
  • Complete list of equipment with descriptions and costs. Please include shipping, installation, training and any maintenance agreement costs.

To insure that all documents are legible, we request that this information be sent by e-mail or mail courier rather than faxing if possible.



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